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Re: HDVR-4K-1TB?

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wcphills wrote: Fri May 07, 2021 5:52 pm Does Plex have software to utilize any USB HDD or will I need a NAS?
Plex cannot use any kind of storage that is connected to an HDHomeRun. You need something that can run the Plex server, whether that is a computer, NVIDIA Shield TV, or NAS. Plex can use a USB hard drive connected to that device.

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Re: HDVR-4K-1TB?

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There was a typo in my previous post. I meant to ask if Flex contains software to record to USB HDD. Spellcheck changed Flex to Plex. I would like to replace my current HDHOMERUN Connects Quatro and WD Mycloud Ex2Ultra with the Flex and USB HDD system. And I would like the option of using Plex and n the future. My current system does not work well with DVR function in Plex.

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Re: HDVR-4K-1TB?

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The HDHomeRun FLEX includes the HDHomeRun DVR in firmware - it records to the USB attached hard drive.


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Re: HDVR-4K-1TB?

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It would be really nice if there was some technical information regarding the FLEX Duo and 4K, on the website. It is completely lacking, and no guides at all. Nothing that says the DVR function is in firmware and you just need to attach the drive to the USB port. Nothing that tells you how to set up to use whatever software is in the firmware. I'm looking to replace my CONNECT Quattro, as it died 1 month after the warranty expired (timing is everything). Please update your website with actual info on the FLEX models.

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