Firmware upgrade stability

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Firmware upgrade stability

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I am using the HDHR5-4US HD Homerun Quattro tuner with firmware version 20200907. Is there any benefit to upgrading to firmware version 20210210 ?
If I get less channels after the update, can I revert back ? Thank you.

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Re: Firmware upgrade stability

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This post should be in the hardware forum since it is not related to ATSC 3 or the 4K model. To answer your question, not really. Looking through the changelog, nearly all of the firmware change since 20200907 have been specific to the 4K model. There was a minor change for other models to speed up the channel scan in the latest release, but it's probably not worth the effort of upgrading unless you run a lot of channel scans and would benefit from a speedup. And no, you can't downgrade firmware.

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Re: Firmware upgrade stability

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