Software Update 20210210 Issues - Gripweed256

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Software Update 20210210 Issues - Gripweed256

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I'm not sure if this is a software or firmware issue but here it is. After updating my 3 Prime devices to 20210210 two of them have lost all their channels but the Emergency
Alert System (EAS) channel. Prior to the firmware update all 3 Primes had roughly 500 channels. I also have 2 Connects (2 tuner type) and both retained their OTA channels.
On the two problem units I've tried all the usual tricks. Unplugging/Replugging, re-installing the software, re-installing the new firmware. If I had a copy of the old firmware I would have tried that, too.
Any suggestions? Anything you want from me?
I've run these Primes for many years and I've never had any problem with firmware upgrades.

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Re: Software Update 20210210 Issues - Gripweed256

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The firmware changelog is at ... changelog/

It looks like one of the changes listed could be linked to your issue: "CC models: Faster channel scan on cable systems with SDV (with or without tuning resolver connected)."

I am going to wait until you report that everything is back to normal before attempting to update my Prime.

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Re: Software Update 20210210 Issues - Gripweed256

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Gripweed256 - does the device webpage indicate "validation: success"?


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