Announcing hdhr_VCR for OSX!

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Announcing hdhr_VCR for OSX!

Post by identd »

I am proud to announce a totally free OS X "smart VCR"

I wanted to allow a quick way to record a TV show, without needing to setup a large system like Plex or HDHomeRuns' own DVR software. I call it a VCR app, as while it does use guide data to pull name / season / episode number / episode name / show length, it does not present like a normal DVR. It is more of a Smart VCR

This is very feature rich, and would love the community to try it, and report any issues they have.

  • Auto discovery of all HDHomeRun devices on your network!
  • Uses built-in guide data, and lineup data, to automatically name the shows you are recording.
  • The free guide data is only for the next 4-6 hours. We will attempt to pull fresh data right before a show starts, so in most cases, the information does get pulled correctly. I believe if you pay for HDHomeRuns own DVR software, the guide data is much longer, and the script would handle that.
  • Runs in the background, but allows easy editing of existing saved shows.
  • Uses caffeinate to ensure that the system does not go to sleep during a recording.
  • Add a show or series in 10 seconds.
  • Saves saved recording settings to a separate text file
* JSONHelper ... d453114608
* HDHomeRUn device setup, and installed on your network.

More information available at

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Re: Announcing hdhr_VCR for OSX!

Post by PVR4Me »


Do you support the original HDHR (Dual, etc) boxes?

I take it that the 4-6 hours of guide data is from over-the-air EIT? You might want to explore the XMLTV interface to SchedulesDirect. Costs the user a few dollars a year but provides 14+ days of rich guide data.

I see it is implemented as 1,500+ lines of Applescript. More power to you!


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Re: Announcing hdhr_VCR for OSX!

Post by djp952 »

Sounds pretty cool!

Although I'm not a Mac person I feel obligated via my own experience(s) to point out that if you are using the guide data from the HDHomeRun JSON API as opposed to the (DVR subscriber-only) XMLTV API, you may run into some concerns moving forward with your project. I suggest reaching out to NickK or another SiliconDust representative to make sure that your usage pattern for their guide data is in adherence to their terms and conditions.

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