Windows 10 desktop partial install

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Windows 10 desktop partial install

Post by rick.curl »

I'm having trouble installing the desktop version of HdHomerun on Windows 10. The APP version will install OK, but when I try to install the desktop version it installs without any error messages, but when it is done HdHomerun VIEW is missing. The other executables (checkforupdates, NAS install, config, record, and setup) are all there. I tried installing with and without ADMIN elevation.

Any hints as to what is going on here?



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Re: Windows 10 desktop partial install

Post by NedS »

On Windows 10 you will want to install the viewer from the Microsoft app store (Microsoft Store). You can also sideload the viewer app using the utility installer if you have UWP sideloading enabled:

To enable sideloading: Open the Windows 10 “Settings” from the Start menu → Update & Security → For developers → turn on “Developer mode”, then run the HDHomeRun software for Windows installer. After installation you can turn off Developer mode for increased security.

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Re: Windows 10 desktop partial install

Post by foxbat121 »

There is no HDHomerun VIEW for win10. Store app is the only thing supported (and better than the VIEW).

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