iOS device detection

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A. Nonny Muss
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iOS device detection

Post by A. Nonny Muss »

98% of the time, my Prime does not show in the list of devices when I first start the app on my iPhone. The same thing can happen on a WiFi-connected Mac. My hardwired Xbox never has trouble. The dvr and quatro always show up. On the iPhone, I have to force quit the app and relaunch and it will work the next time.

Is this unique to my network or is this an app/firmware issue?

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Re: iOS device detection

Post by NedS »

I haven't had such issues on my iPhone with a PRIME, but it's hard to rule out anything at this point. How is your network set up? Do you just have one router, or are there multiple routers, access points, network switches, mesh networking, etc?

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Re: iOS device detection

Post by virbing »

I am seeing a similar issue on my iPad. I have 2 devices, a Prime & a Connect. The 1st time I start the iOS app, I only see one device (almost always the Connect,) and usually do not see the recorded DVR shows. Once I force quit the app by swiping the whole app up and then restart the app, I am able to see both devices and the recordings.

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