Interface for my mother

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Interface for my mother

Post by ctviggen »

Is there an interface I can get for my mother, so she can watch normal TV? This is through a Prime. We currently have her on two cable boxes, but I'm trying to get rid of the $20/month it costs for those. We have no channels that are DRM.

I was thinking FireTV. Does this make sense? How is the interface? That is, is it easy to use for a 75 year old?

More info:

We have a 3 channel Prime, was thinking of getting another to give us 6 channels. Would like to get rid of the high cost of the cable boxes. My mother is in an in-law apartment in hour house, with two TVs. In our house, we have one TV, run by a HT computer with windows 10. We can periodically use all three channels of the Prime. But if I get another Prime, even if my mother has both TVs on (which she never does), we'd have 4 channels.

But I need something that's easy enough for her to use, and something I can debug. (And debug perhaps in my own part of the house, due to covid.) We currently have two Fire TVs: one fire stick (for our basement projector) and one Fire TV box connected to a receiver to which the HR computer is also connected. We use Kodi on the HT computer to access the Prime and store everything to a 15TB unraid server. I have wired network cable to where her TVs are, though these are not currently connected.


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Re: Interface for my mother

Post by GGRussell »

I used HDHomeRun app on XBox One S with Harmony 350 remote. My 92 yr old mom had no problem learning how to use it. The interface is mostly identical on all the supported devices. The only difference is speed of the interface on each devices. I no longer have the XBox, but on a generic Android TV box, I have little issues with HDHomeRun interface speed.

Bit different story on my LG TV. Even hardwired, the LG TV takes too long to change channels and the guide is almost useless. However, I still prefer the app over adding yet another 'box'.

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Re: Interface for my mother

Post by shawn_75 »

Only because you want to remote admin it, your best bet would likely be a Windows 10 PC configured in Kiosk Mode to launch the HDHR app. This *should* still allow remote desktop connections. ... enterprise

I know that link says 'enterprise' but there's discussion in there about Home and Pro versions.

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