Channels keep getting unmapped in Plex

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Channels keep getting unmapped in Plex

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I recently purchased an HDHomeRun Prime to use (via a cable card) with my Verizon Fios TV service. I had some trouble activating the card (card validation still shows "None" in my HDHomeRun menu) but it can find all the channels now.

I'm able to map them in Plex, but after a few hours, all but a few unmap and aren't viewable unless I go back in and remap them.

I thought it might be a Plex issue, but I'm thinking it's something to do with the HDHomeRun and the fact that the validation still isn't successful.

Someone of the Plex forums also thought it might have something to do with a broadcast flag for all but the few channels that manage to stay mapped.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Re: Channels keep getting unmapped in Plex

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Typically the only thing validation affects are DRM protected channels which wouldn't be available in plex anyway (with verizon that would typically be HBO/Max and the "FOX" cable channels (not local fox)). Occasionally I have heard of the possibility of cards not being validated have an issue maintaining keys which would prevent any decrypting but generally haven't heard that for moto cards and verizon. In my opinion, Plex has a hard time with lineups in general.

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