Signal Quality with Prime

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Signal Quality with Prime

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Seems like I have been having more and more issues with my prime. Been a pretty stable system since before Frontier took over the Fios market from Verizon in DFW. Lately though I have been having more and more issues, not being able to tune channels, blotchy, when watching live with my Roku TV thru plex, it will freeze and fail. Seems the biggest culprit is signal quality. Initially tried a booster, didn't help. This weekend I went up in my attic and rerouted the coax coming from the ISP. It now is a straight shot to a two way splitter. With one cable going to my router and the other to the prime, didn't help at all. Tried switching out the ethernet cable, no change. I am on a wifi mesh system (orbi) but have been on this for 4 years with no issues. Mainly having issues with a couple of channels. Seems to be the most stable with a 4 way splitter after the two way splitter to bring down the signal strength. Most hd channels are still pretty bad, sd is better but not great.

Is there anything else I can do without involving the ISP? Seems I have plenty of signal strength, but the signal quality is low.

When trying to watch FX in SD (HD is unwatchable)
Freq 441.000MHZ
signal strength 96% -2.9dBmV
signal quality 47% 27.6dB
symbol quality 100%
streaming rate 4.116 Mbps

For fun I tuned to FX in HD with the hdhomerun app on my pc and get the following
freq 381.000Mhz
signal strength 95% -3.3dBmV
signal quality 39% 26.4dB
symbol quality 39%
streaming rate 10.444Mbps

I also have a connect duo, physically located in the same place as the prime and no issues at all with it, so I don't think it would network related.

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