Chromecast with Google TV official support?

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Chromecast with Google TV official support?

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I'm running the Google play/andriod version of the HD HomeRun app inside the new Chromecast with Google TV product. Its pretty stable, but I'm getting frame drops from time to time. The Chromecast with Google TV is such a nice platform I would like to roll it out to replace WMC around the house along with HDHomeRun turners as the live TV solution. Is there something more official or optimized coming from SiliconDust for this platform?

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Re: Chromecast with Google TV official support?

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I just recently picked up a Chromecast with Google TV and noticed dropouts both with the HDHomerun app and the Live Channels app. I ended up picking up the ethernet adaptor for the Chromecast: ... pter_gen_2

That seems to have taken care of the issues. Note that the while the adaptor works well, it's physical design isn't great for a wall mounted TV. I had to get a 90 degree plug adaptor for it to fit behind the TV.

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