Cord Cutting, Philo, Sling and Channels DVR - What's your setup like?

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Cord Cutting, Philo, Sling and Channels DVR - What's your setup like?

Post by shalamigri »

I currently have 2 HDHomerun Primes. Some months back, I was on a plan with Spectrum that I felt was SOMEWHAT reasonable. I was receiving local channels and certain cable channels (no premium channels).

Just recently, my monthly bill increased by about $30 a month. Spectrum is saying that I was on a special promotion and that's why my bill was lower. However, my monthly bill (cable and internet) is now only about $10 less than it was when I didn't have any HDHomerun Primes and was using their cable boxes.

I'm to the point where I'm thinking about ditching Spectrum altogether and just using an antenna along with the 4 tuner Connect Quatro and also going with a cheap service like Sling or Philo for $20 - $45 a month. I'd then use something like Channels DVR for recording for about $8 a month. Channels DVR will allow me to watch/record shows/movies from Sling or Philo to my personal DVR with their TV Everywhere feature.

My only issue is that I can't find a streaming service that will allow me to have a seamless integration with Channels DVR. I've found that a handful of channels using their TV Everywhere feature don't seem to work with Channels DVR yet. I'd be able to use Channels DVR for most of my content, but I'd have to jump back into the app (Sling or Philo) for certain channels. That would require me to use my main storage as a DVR for most of my channels, but I'd also have to use the Streaming Service's cloud DVR for certain programs. That won't go over well with the wife. Also, every TV Streaming provider that I've looked into so far won't have at least 1 or 2 channels that I'm used to having. That's ANOTHER big problem for my wife.

I'd actually cut the cord altogether, but my wife still watches certain cable TV channels.

I'm curious to know what setups other people are using. Are people just getting content from their antennas? Are people using their antennas along with a service like Sling and Channels DVR? Are people using Philo and Sling together to get all of the channels they want? What's your setup like?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Re: Cord Cutting, Philo, Sling and Channels DVR - What's your setup like?

Post by salsaguy »

I am currently on Frontier FiOS here in So. Cal and the TV bill is crazy expensive and a tech that recently came over told me they will be slowly dropping channels and going AWAY from the TV side of things as more and more go the cord cutting way and streaming instead.
I will keep my FiOS for the 100/100 internet I have now but want to get Sling to replace the TV cable channels we do watch (not that many) and now have the HDHomerun Scrive Duo I just got yesterday (setup but issues when using with Plex DVR) to wathc OTA which is few and far between.

Im interested in hearing about Sling to replace my FiOS TV befoee I do the free 3 day trial
YouTube TV abd Hulu TV doesnt seem like its the best option for me
for the cost and the channel offerings
Im thinking of getting the Orange+Blue to be able to stream to 2 rooms which is the most we would be doing

Setting up series recordings and being able to pause is KEY of course :)


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