IPTV vs. UDP method

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IPTV vs. UDP method

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My understanding is that there is an older method (UDP) that software uses to access the TV programs on the HDHR tuner, but that method didn't work well on a home network with multiple clients that all are looking for a free tuner. The newer method uses HTTP like IPTV and works from multiple clients at the same time as long as there is an available tuner, if I understand correctly.

So I know Mythtv v30+ uses the newer method and can share tuners on a network. Plus it supports mult-rec so only one tuner can record multiple channels as long as the major number is the same. i.e. channels 5.1, 5.2, 5.3. To me this is great but I have no idea how it's done.

TVHeadend seems to use the older method of talking to the HDHR and supports multi-rec, but is not tolerant of multiple clients on a network.

I can access the HDHR as an IPTV network in TVH use HTTP addresses like
But to get to the second mux of Channel 4 I have to use and it consumes another HDHR tuner instead of using Multi-rec.

How does all this work? any documentation on it??

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