Tivo 4K Stream Playback Issue

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Tivo 4K Stream Playback Issue

Post by Ohio_Sam »

I have a tivo 4k stream completely updated on its firmware/software. I have installed the hdhomerun app and it is also up to date.
I also have a hdhomerun connect HDHR4-2US with up to date firmware...currently 20200521.
When I run the hdhomerun app the picture is either completely green or blocky chucks with greens and some other colors...the sound is coming through just fine.
I also tried to run it through kodi on the tivo 4k using both the hdhomerun official plugin and hdhomerun simple plugin...the video does the same thing on both.
I can't figure out what I need to do.
The hdhomerun plays just fine on my computer and firetv 4k's.
Does anyone have any ideas what I need to try?

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Re: Tivo 4K Stream Playback Issue

Post by rpcameron »

The TS4K's latest software update messed up the MPEG2 hardware decoding. The problem is inherently theirs; but until they address this issue, SD ought to allow the user to use software decoding.

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