Moving recordings to Servio

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Moving recordings to Servio

Post by richardb »

Morning all, I have just installed a Servio to my setup, with a view to replacing the DVR software I currently have running in a docker. I would like to make this process as smooth as possible for those who use the system, so is there a way to move recordings from one DVR to another? The Servio does not seem to expose its storage as a file share, so I can't just drag and drop them over.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Moving recordings to Servio

Post by NedS »

At the moment, no easy way to do it. Extreme option, if you really know what you're doing, is to carefully open the SERVIO and take out the hard drive, then mount it in a system that can read xfs, copy the files over, then carefully put it back together. (Warranty will be intact as long as no damage is done as a result of this process). In the future, we plan to support network file transfer with a firmware update.

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