Rescan Can't Find Reallocated Channels

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Rescan Can't Find Reallocated Channels

Post by TangoOversway »

Most of the stations in our area are due to move today, 3/13/20. Around 11:40 PM, I was using Channels DVR, which uses my HDHomeRun devices (I have two 4 tuner models), and the station I was watching disappeared. I had not expected it to happen that early. I looked at other channels and most were not working, so I rescanned. I found two stations were working out of 8 showed up. (By "station," I mean one main frequence and subchannels, for instance, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, and 12.4 - I'm counting all those as one station, since they're from the same transmitter and same company.)

I figured, "Okay, maybe they have some work to do and it might take a while." So I waited and rescanned 20 minutes later. Again, only 2 stations showed up.

It's now almost 5:30 AM. I'm sure the stations would be on air now, for early morning news, but, still, only those 2 stations.

I've rescanned multiple times with both HDHomeRun boxes I own and the stations that had to move to a new frequency today are simply not showing up.

Is there a limitation in the HDHomeRun that would keep it from detecting the new stations? Is there something I can do to get it to scan what it's not finding?

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Re: Rescan Can't Find Reallocated Channels

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Unless something happened like the stations moved from UHF to VHF, and your antenna isn't great at getting VHF, then it's probably just a matter of waiting for them to finish working on the transmitters.

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Re: Rescan Can't Find Reallocated Channels

Post by tonywagner »

Can you try scanning/watching directly on your TV's tuner?

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