Some Programs Recorded with DVR not appearing in the Recorded tab

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Some Programs Recorded with DVR not appearing in the Recorded tab

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I have HDHomerun set to record the evening news daily which it used to do without any problem. All of a sudden there was no evening news on the Recorded page. The task stil appeared in the task window. I removed the task and then reset the program to record the news daily. The task was again in the task window. The next time the programs was supposed to record there was nothing on the recorded page. However, as it turned out, when i checked the hard drive location where HDHomerun stores it's recordings, there was a folder for the nightly news containing all the daily recordings. I can play them outside of HDHomerun, they just do not appear on the Recorded page and I cannot play them from within HDHomerun as I usually do when I am Late starting to watch the news. I watch the recording and ff through the adds till I catch up. How do I fix this?

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Re: Some Programs Recorded with DVR not appearing in the Recorded tab

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Easiest fix is usually to restart the dvr engine.

Did you double check the program itself from an older instance of being recorded? Typically i find a show not listed recently in all recordings but if i go to shows can find such alphabetically but news does not appear on shows (though probably should as it is not sports or movies) but can find a much older occurrence up top that when clicked does list the episodes.

If your record engine shows up at i suggest clicking the link then add /recorded_files.json to the end of the url and see if the newer episodes show up there to at least find out if the engine is aware they exist.

You didn't mention what is running your record engine and how such is set up... for the most part this behavior has been fixed with the recent engines (or firmware update in case of servio/scribe) but there are other things that don't inform the engine of new recordings (mostly when not recording locally).

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