Verizon FiOS Multi Stream Card... Who to Contact?

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Re: Verizon FiOS Multi Stream Card... Who to Contact?

Post by jk » Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:10 pm

gtb wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:57 pm
Jojo613 wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:21 am
... which is why you should be able to go to any store and pick one up.
With the possible exception of certain bulk (MDU or HOA) agreements where the local store is not authorized to change services, or add equipment on the account, as *you* are not the owner of record (it is the MDU or the HOA). The exceptions that proves the rule.

It should be acknowledged by those with clue that CableCARD users are among the 1%. And as such, no CSR is typically going to reliably remember the details for the 1% (they are not paid to understand the 1%; heck, they are lucky they can deal with things that support the 10%). In some ideal world everyone remembers the names of their 3rd cousin when they see them once every decade, too (but I admit I do not unless they wear a name-tag at the reunion).

That all said, you *should* be able to get a CableCARD as long as VZ offers linear QAM TV services in your location, but do not be surprised when you get looks as if you are talking about mythical creatures, and expect to have to request escalation to a supervisor.
Our MDU contract provides a basic package along with 1 cable box and router. This is billed in a group contract paid by the Condo association with our condo fee. I receive a $0 a month bill. Add ons are billed directly to me. Verizon also offered me 'discounted' telephone service which is 6x what Callcentric charges me for 2 lines and a vast array of features that Verizon doesn't offer, an app that acts like a direct extension of my cellphones and the service has been rock-solid for the past 3 years, and extraordinary technical service by highly qualified people who aren't just reading off a script until they get stuck on something and don't know what to do next.

I didn't have any issues with customer service knowing what I was talking about, they knew what the charge was right away and told me that was the only option they had in their computer. As mentioned in my post above, when I went to the Verizon authorized dealer, they handed me a card, no questions asked.

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