2 Channels stopped working

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Rich Aye
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2 Channels stopped working

Post by Rich Aye » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:29 pm

My HDHR Prime (3 tuner cable card device) being used with an HTPC running NextPVR vs 4 suddenly developed a problem with playback and record for both ESPN and ESPN2. Tuning to those channels gives a black screen and no audio. No errors. All the other channels still work perfectly (HTPC has been running 24/7 for three years without a problem)

I also checked those channels with the HDHR live view program and the same problem is there as well. All channels in my lineup work fine except for ESPN and ESPN2.

BUT, my wife's Xfinity DVR plays and records ESPN and ESPN2 perfectly. I'm a paid subscriber to the channels in question as well as a few other ESPN channels that DO work fine. (ESPN-U etc.) But ESPN and ESPN-2 just show a black screen only when using my HDHR Prime tuner.

As far as the logs in my NextPVR program go, everything is working .. and I should be seeing and hearing both channels.

I'm thinking it's a Comcast thing ?? Anyone else having a recent problem using an HDHR Prime & cable card with Xfinity/comcast? Just two channels are out using the cable card but those same two channels work okay with the comcast DVR.

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Re: 2 Channels stopped working

Post by jasonl » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:06 pm

Please enable the sending of diagnostic data on the HDHomeRun, reboot it, and run a channel scan (see https://info.hdhomerun.com/info/trouble ... iagnostics), try to watch one of the channels, then reply back with the device ID for your HDHomeRun and the channel numbers for ESPN and ESPN2 and we will check the logs to see what is happening.

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