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Re: Apple TV app (tvOS)

Post by NedS » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:08 pm

GetMatt wrote:
Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:19 pm
This has been answered multiple times. They have said before that they are working on getting the UI stable and out of beta first. My understanding is that tvOS does not allow web based UIs so it not be able to work with the existing UI and would have to written just for tvOS. All other apps are just a player with the same remote web based UI.
Pretty much. The new UI is still web based, but uses the React framework, and there is a way to port things based on React to a native tvOS app. This allows us to still do cross-platform UI work, while satisfying Apple's tvOS requirements.

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Re: Apple TV app (tvOS)

Post by marks » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:55 am

Sounds good Ned. Will be nice to get our 3 Apple TVs working with HDHomerun app someday. In the meantime I bought a NVIDIA Shield also earlier this year which had the HD HR app and provides a Plex server ability to send recorded movies/shows to the Apple TVs and remote access to the movies/shows as well.
The movie/show data is in the WD Mycloud EX4.
We have the Channels app for Live TV on the Apple TVs also which works well for non-DRM channels and the NVIDIA shield for one tv for the live DRM channels. Insta TV app does not work well for some recordings for some reason so we rarely use that anymore since we have Plex.

We love HDHomerun devices and the DVR. keep up the good work! We have the Prime 3 and Quattro. I mentioned the Prime 6 to my other family members as well which they are interested in when it comes out.

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