Connect Quattro PC storage Roku HDHomerun setup

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Connect Quattro PC storage Roku HDHomerun setup

Post by jfro » Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:29 pm

Sort of have my system running, but wondering how to make things work better and get some features I can't find.

Background, the Connect Quattro was connected to my a Raspberry Pi for a few months. While changing it over to run on my Roku + stick, I first set up the Quattro on my server which is a Windows 10 professional and put the storage on that. I was having some issues, so I then put the setup software and the Homerun App on my laptop which is a Windows 10 Home system.

Here is what I have working now. I have to use the HomeRun app on my laptop to schedule recordings. For some reason the Homerun App on the Win 10 professional server won't let me schedule anything. It also doesn't want to show recorded programs, but under setup it shows it's dvr enabled.

Everything seems to work more or less from my laptop.

On Roku, running the HomeRun app, I can pause a live show, but not go backwards , ie replay anything. I can't play a recording in progress till it's fully recorded. I also can schedule a recording or tell it to record something I'm watching.

Looking for advice on these issue as to if they should be working and if HDHomerun works on Win 10 Pro.

I don't understand how this all works, just sort of mucking my way through it hoping to get rid of using the raspberry pi for recording and playback.

Thanks in advance for any advice/ help.

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Re: Connect Quattro PC storage Roku HDHomerun setup

Post by NedS » Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:52 am

Currently our Roku app/channel is only a viewer and can't set new recordings, and doesn't have a live TV buffer for seeking back in live TV. I'm not a developer myself, so I don't know exactly how far we might be able to go with our Roku app, but Roku in general is a much more limited platform.

For the Windows 10 server, try this: ... t_find_dvr

We have a fairly good guide on the main HDHomeRun app here:

Since you already have a Raspberry Pi, I would suggest loading LibreELEC on it and checking out this community maintained Kodi DVR add-on that fully supports the HDHomerRun DVR service: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=71135 (it's really awesome). Raspberry Pi 1st gen are pretty slow, but Pi 2 and 3 make for excellent HDHomeRun clients. The Pi 4 makes for an excellent HDHomeRun DVR server as well, and can do both client and server duty. Just to throw that out there since you are familiar with using a Pi.

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