Plex Live TV Set up Wizard Issues

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Plex Live TV Set up Wizard Issues

Post by NevilleW » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:16 pm

Am attempting to set up my Live TV using wizard, it finds HDR Quatro tuner, local channels look OK (Syd AU) but on next step am asked to chose language (English selected) & location.
BUT am offered no option/field to choose location so can’t proceed any further.
Did previously select a file xmltv file that I found on a forum somewhere but I think the HDH DVR subs/guide is a better option
Have paid for HDHomeRun DVR subscription. Not sure where to go from here & newbie @ all this media server stuff.
Plex installed on Synology DS418j.
Viewing Plex on a Nvidia Shield TV

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Re: Plex Live TV Set up Wizard Issues

Post by jasonl » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:28 pm

Topic moved to the Third Party Software forum.

Guide listings for the HDHomeRun DVR service are only for use with the HDHomeRun DVR. They are not available for use in Plex or other unrelated applications. Utilizing Plex in Australia requires use of third-party guide data as Plex no longer provides it there. Plex recommends the use of IceTV's guide data, , and instructions on configuring Plex to use it are available at .

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