Still unable to tune channels since Firmware upgrade

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Still unable to tune channels since Firmware upgrade

Postby ZenDad » Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:48 am

Posted this two months ago with no response.

On Verizon FIOS with a HDTC-2US, no cable box, tuning terrestrial stations which are unencrypted. No issues since installation at the beginning of this year.

Since updating to 20180817 doesn't regularly find the unencrypted channels during a but instead now only finds "demo" channels. Occasionally it will find the broadcast channels during a scan, but quickly will stop recognizing them (no video data). The demo channels (all the channels that you would expect to be encrypted) all play great.

I have a tv in the kitchen w/o a cable box that receives the broadcast channels without issue. I've put it on the same split as the HDHR and it shows excellent signal strength. I've tried both antenna and cable selections on the tuner page, cable will occasionally find some channels, but those found will disappear on a rescan and show major digital break up.

Device ID: 10578E26

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