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Live TV buffering/seek

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There are two modes of live TV buffering: client buffering and DVR-service buffering.

Client buffering:
Provides up to 60 minutes of pause buffer and up to 5 minutes of rewind buffer for live TV.
Smart RAM vs flash storage management and flash wear protection.
The channel stops being recorded after being paused for 60 minutes. You can resume watching from where you paused at any time.
Works with all HDHomeRun models including legacy models.
Works with all channels including protected channels.
Not available or available with reduced limits on devices with limited RAM and/or storage.
Android: Minimum 2GB RAM required. Not available on the original Nexus Player Android TV box or the FireTV Stick as these products do not meet this requirement.

DVR service buffering: (DVR customers)
When you view live TV the video is buffered by the DVR record engine.
Multiple clients can view the same channel and it only uses one tuner.
The DVR will buffer at least 60 minutes of live TV, keeping complete TV shows available.
The DVR will continue to buffer indefinitely when paused. The TV show that was paused and TVs shows within the last 60 minutes of live will be available to view.
Client buffering mode is used for protected channels.

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