Responses to Nick

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Responses to Nick

Postby Busta999 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:42 am

As the thread was locked I am unable to respond to your questions inline.

See below, but i could not get HDHomeRun to use anything except the boot HDD. I am surprised that no one ever has had an issue with that. TV recording, especially MPEG2 HD gobble up disk voraciously. 4 Tuners recording HD would consume 25GB per hour, run them for 14 evenings (while away on holiday) is nigh on 1TB. You would return from vacation and not only find out your wife's favourite TV show had not recorded but it had Killed your computer - along with every other service running.

The HDHomeRun hardware is incredible - the setup is fantastic, but the application of real world usage is missing, so very close, so very close. Fix basic usage issues, apply a grid EPG and an AppleTV App and it would be nigh on perfect, for me at least :-)

1. The record/storage engine is a background service. You can change the record location by changing one line in the config file (and restarting).

mmmmm not so easy - there are loads of issues around file ownership that block that from being a simple task.

It requires going into the Terminal navigating to the file opening the file in a command line text editor which will be alien to 99% of all computer owners, 40 years ago common place, 21st century pretty uncommon.

Then save the file. Then just reboot. I actually found the instructions on your site followed them to the letter and they did not work.

Anything as trivial as changing the location of a target recording location that requires a reboot is really missing the point. This is a LIVE TV server - I also have it performing 7x24 camera security, home automation, unifi wifi management plus a file server. The reason I use a Mac is because I only have to reboot once in a blue moon.

2. The refund - requested yesterday, using process you described, no response yet.

3. The 64TB is in 4 4x4TB Raid arrays, 2 Firewire 800 and 2 USB 3 plus another usb 3 multi drive drop in hub - for putting backup drives in.

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Re: Responses to Nick

Postby nickk » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:09 am


Your drive configuration looks good.

We kicked off a project this morning to implement a Settings UI for start/stop/restarting the service, and to set the record path (with auto-restart of the service so it takes effect).

Refund - yesterday was Sunday. It will be processed today.


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Re: Responses to Nick

Postby Bagpuss » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:19 am

In the locked thread, Nick, you mention that changing DVR record location is not needed by many users.

I can't comment on that, but it seems a pretty basic function to me and I've tried it many times on my Mac to the point where I've given up trying ... and use either Plex or Channels. Your current implementation and method doesn't work for two Mac users at least, it seems.

Credit where's it's due, I'm delighted to read that you are finally implementing a GUI for this. I suspect that a great many users *would* use it if they were presented with an easy way of doing so. Thank you.

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Re: Responses to Nick

Postby pb_cymru » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:43 am

It is possible to change the recording location to an external drive but it's not straightforward. Things I learnt were that it has to be a USB drive (external firewire doesn't work) and permissions need to be set for everyone to have read/write access on the newly created HDHomeRun folder. As for a UI setting for this not being requested before, that is incorrect as I brought it up back in 2017 when I was struggling to get this working - interestingly in the thread which I posted in (viewtopic.php?f=126&t=65853), all my posts seem to have been removed :?

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