Kodi settings for playback?

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Kodi settings for playback?

Postby dgktkr » Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:48 pm

When the HDHomeRun Kodi plugin is playing Live TV, pressing [esc] twice displays 6 buttons: 1) Search, 2) Exit, 3) Video Settings, 4) Audio and Subtitle Settings, 5) Volume Down and 6) Volume Up. Clicking on 3) or 4) brings up the corresponding Kodi menus, which is what one might expect.

When playing a recording, the same 6 buttons appear after pressing [esc] twice, however, buttons 3) and 4) don't have the expected action. Either one sends you to the "Recorded" window and not the Kodi Video or Audio settings windows.

Is there some way to make this behavior for a recording the same as for Live TV?

There are things like lip sync that I would like to control for recording playback.


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