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HDHomeRun Kodi Add-on

Postby nickk » Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:24 pm

1) Install Kodi:

2) Install the HDHomeRun add-on:
If you're on Kodi 16 or older:
Run Kodi, go into Videos, Add-ons, Get More, and select HDHomeRun.

If you're on Kodi v17 or newer:
Run Kodi, go to Add-ons, Install from repository, Video Add-ons, HDHomeRun

3) Launch the HDHomeRun add-on:
From the Kodi main menu select Videos, Add-ons, HDHomeRun.

HDHomeRun RECORD engine must be running:
Press ESCAPE to leave Live TV mode and jump to the DVR menu.
If you get the Search/Exit screen then the HDHomeRun RECORD engine was not detected or did not authorize as part of the Kickstarter progress-release supporters reward.

Guide Search - DELETE key (hide) is you friend:
On the Guide Search screen you can see new shows, movies, and sporting events coming up.
Not interested in a show or movie? Press the DELETE key and the HDHomeRun DVR won't show it to you again.
(or go into the details for the show and tap HIDE).

Tip - go through the list of new shows and hide everything you know you will never watch. Then when you go into Guide Search again next week/month it will show you just the new shows.

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