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TVJunkieMOD (Record, Request, Playback, Favorites +)

Post by TVJunkie198 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:53 am

TVJunkieMOD is a modified version of the official HDHomerun Kodi Add-on.
Thanks goes to SiliconDust, as this MOD wouldn't be possible w/o their official Add-on.

download link:

v27: for Kodi 18 (v27 only adds Kodi 18 guide overlay fix) ...

v26: for Kodi 17 and under ...

v24: ...

v23: ...


Main Added Features:
- TVJunkieMOD UI, LookAhead, Recording, Record Requests, Playback, Favorites, Smart Search, Movie Search, Movie Star Ratings, AutoPilot, Live Sports Duration Handling, Channel Up/Down, Title Search, Sub Bar Clock, Jump to Last Channel.

Important: Setup the Add-on Configure Options. Recording will not be enabled until the 'Recorded TV Path' is configured. (To get to the addon configure menu: Videos->Add-ons, right-click (or longpress) the Add-on, Add-on Information, Configure)

Added Configure Options:
- TVJunkieMOD UI Layout
Enables/Disables UI layout (Reverts to side bar UI design when disabled)
TVJunkieMOD UI's guide has two columns (Now column, and LookAhead column)
UI screenshot:
- TVJunkieMOD UI LookAheads (1: 30mins 2: Next)
"1: 30 mins": Shifts guides look ahead column by 30 minute periods.
"2: Next": Shifts guides look ahead column by next title(s).
The '30 mins' setting shifts all channel look aheads relative to the same time slot (in 30 minute periods).
The 'Next' setting shifts all channel look aheads relative to each channels next scheduled title.
+2-4 hours LookAhead currently available on all channels.
(hours accessible may vary/change in future.)
Extended LookAhead Available for HDHR DVR subscribers (see additional info in post)
- TVJunkieMOD UI Extended Guide Menu Option (for DVR subscribers)
When enabled, the guide's context menu will include "Get Extended Channel Guide (channel#)" option at bottom
Note: must also enable 'TVJunkieMOD UI Layout'
- Reverse UI Layout
Switches placement of side bar UI guide bars.
- User Quick Command (1: Favorites, 2: SmartSearch)
User selectable option for preferred quick command to open either the Favorites or SmartSearch Guide.
Quick Command button (left/right button) depends on the 'Reverse UI Layout' option
If Reverse UI Layout enabled: left button = Quick Command
if Reverse UI Layout disabled: right button = Quick Command
default = 1: Favorites
- Confirm Exit on Error
When enabled, a prompt provides user the option to remain in the add-on if a startup error occurs.
If error occurred and user remains, the only feature usable is the Recording Menu, to watch Recording, and Other Videos. (provides access to recordings/other videos within mod if/when TV source fails to load)
- Quit Kodi on exit
When enabled, Kodi will quit/close upon exiting TVJunkieMOD.
(use example: if sole purpose of Kodi is to run TVJunkieMOD, you can enable the option, AND add an file to Kodi's /userdata path to auto start TVJunkieMOD when launching Kodi. ( download link:
(note: to exit back to kodi with this enabled, also enable 'Show exit button on Options Menu' and exit that way)
- Stop Live TV Idle Timeout (hours, 0=disabled)
Provides the ability to free up a tuner (by auto-stopping Live TV) when no input from a user for set # of hours.
(0 hours=disabled)
- Smart Search Usage
Enables/Disables Smart Search. When enabled, smart search data is saved to a local file
- Smart Search: Top [x] Selected Shows on Now
Allows user to limit/extend smart search results.
- Smart Search: Min # Selected Shows
Allows user to limit/extend qualifying smart search results.
- AutoPilot Channels (1=SD, 2=HD, 3=ALL)
Provides autopilot channel resolution preference.
- Hide Paid Programs on Now
When enabled, any channels currently playing known Paid Program titles will be hidden.
- Hide Music Streaming Channels
When enabled, any known music streaming channels will be hidden.
- Display Current Time instead of Movie Codec info
When enabled, display the current time on the sub bar instead of the movie codec info.
- Display Movie Ratings instead of Audio Codec info
When enabled, and when watching a movie, display movie star ratings on the sub bar instead of the audio codec info.
- Only Surf Last Viewed Guide Channels [off=full lineup always]
When enabled, Channel Up/Down surfing will move across the last viewed Guide listing (Full Lineup, Favorites, Smart Search, Movie Search).
- Recorded TV Path
Storage location for all recordings. Path can be local or on network.
To set as a network path, first create a path in Kodi->Videos->Files->Add Videos (then setup Recorded TV Path)
- Max Allowed Active Recordings
Allows user to limit/extend the number of active recording tuners.
Limit/Extend value to support the ability of the device/network
(ex. multiple record requests want to record, but the device can only handle one)
- Manual Record: Extra Time (minutes)
Extends all manual recordings x minutes beyond the currently playing title
- Hide After Recording Playback Delete Option
When disabled, a prompt will display after fully watching Recorded Videos.
Prompt: Delete this Recording?
If no user input, prompt times out after 30 seconds, closes, and Live TV will resume.
- Hide Other Videos Delete Options
Prevents end users from accessing 'Other Videos' Delete/Delete All options
- Recorded TV Write Buffer Size
Provided as adjustable only if needed (32KBs should be fine. Setting too big or too small may cause issues when recording)

Option Bars

Option Bar 1
- Manual Record
Records the remaining portion of the current channel's current show
(if a free tuner is available)
- DVR Menu->Now Recording (#):
Displays any currently recording shows in the channel guide bar.
When channel is highlighted:
Select: To play the recording
Context Menu: To stop the recording
- DVR Menu->All Recordings:
Groups all recordings top-down by most recently recorded.
If additional videos are added to the Recorded TV Path, 'Other Videos' will be available to the bottom of this list.
Groups of 2 or more will include 'All Recordings' at the top of their lists.
'All Recordings' provides multiple playlist options:
[Play All (Old->New), Play All (New->Old), Play All Randomly, Play Select Random, Play Random, Delete All]
When playing a group playlist, Up/Down controls switch to the next or previous video in the playlist.
'Other Videos' can be stored in subfolders within the Recorded TV Path.
Optionally create a .info file for 'Other Videos'. (must have exact filename, ex. Video1.mp4 &
(.info file is a text file w/.info extension. .info files are not auto generated; one would need to manually create these files. If a .info file exists for its matching 'Other Video' file, an 'Info' option will be included for that file within 'Other Videos' menu.
- DVR Menu->Record Requests:
Allows user to Add, View, Prioritize, and Delete Record Requests.
Request Features:
Request Types: Movie, Show
Single Recording, Recurring Recordings
Show Episode Title Keyword Search
Synopsis Keyword Search
Channels (All, All SD, All HD, Custom)
First Runs Only, First Runs + Reruns
Record Padding Options (0-5 minutes)
Keep # Recordings Options
- Search
Search options: Search Now, Search Next, Search Now+Next
Search sub-options: Keyword Search, Category Search
- Smart Search
Provides a quick way to search for shows/movies that are currently on that you've shown to like.
How it works: Every show you select from the guide is automatically added to smart search (considered as a show you are interested in). Then anytime you do a smart search, that show is searched for on every channel. So if you take 5 minutes once in a while and select/tune-in the shows/movies you like that are currently on, that will strengthen smart search in the future.
Before doing a smart search, first select a channel/title you want to watch from the guide.
Note: If no smart search retained titles are currently playing, the smart search guide will not display
*To remove a title from smart search: display the guide, select the channel of the currently playing title that you'ld like to remove, press context menu, 'remove from search search'
*smart search guide shortcut: press context menu button when options bar is visible (context button twice when all options bar is off)
- Favorites
Displays user added favorite channels. These 'favorite' channels are set within TVJunkieMOD per device, and are not the favorites set in the HDHomerun's settings.
- Movie Search
Provides a quick way to search for movies that are on now, on next, and on next that start within 30 minutes.

Options Bar 2
- Video Preferences
- Audio Preferences
- Volume Up
- Volume Down
- Exit (returns to Kodi)
- Channel AutoPilot
Using Smart Search title data, Channel AutoPilot automatically changes the channel to one that is beginning to play a previously viewed title (if one's available). If (on the current channel) the next playing show is not a Smart Search title, AutoPilot will notify (~30 seconds) before the end of your currently playing show. If a Smart Search title is found to be just starting, autopilot will change to that channel. Ex usage: turn autopilot on if falling asleep watching TV (wake up here and there to the channels/titles you watch at those times)

Options Bar 3
(available when playing a recording)
- Jump Video
- Seek Video
- Rewind
- Play/Pause
- Fast Forward
- Stop (returns to Live TV)

Steps to Extending Guide Data (for HDHR DVR Subscribers):
- in Kodi->Video->Addons, go to: TVJunkieMOD's Add-on Information->Configure
- enable: "TVJunkieMOD UI Layout"
- enable: "TVJunkieMOD UI Extended Guide Menu Option (for DVR subscribers)"
- launch TVJunkieMOD
- open the guide
- select/highlight a channel
- press context menu button (display context menu)
- click "Get Extended Channel Guide (channel)" option at bottom
- Look Ahead further to view the channel's extended guide.
- Things to Note:
- You can extend multiple channel's guide data.
- Currently, the API provides extended data of ~8 additional hours for each request.
- Currently, the API can be requested multiple times per channel (receiving ~8 hours for each request)
- This updated/extended guide data will only be temporary, as the add-on will eventually update the full lineup's guide data the standard way; wiping out the extended data you've requested. (so maybe an hour after you get extended data, the guide might be limited again. However you can always re-request the extended data at that later time.)
- Extended data is accessed using HDHR View's Beta UI Slice API. If/When SiliconDust changes the API, this feature may be altered (and a mod update will be needed to be restored).

To Display Quick Command (Favorites or SmartSearch) and Toggle Banner Bar:
These are dependent on the 'Reverse UI' add-on configure option:
If 'Reverse UI' is enabled:
- left button: launches set 'User Quick Command'
- right button: toggles banner bar stay on/off
If 'Reverse UI' is disabled:
- left button: toggles banner bar stay on/off
- right button: launches set 'User Quick Command'

To Add/Remove Favorites:
Reselect the currently playing channel on the guide (which displays the favorites add/remote dialog box)
or highlight the channel of interest on the guide and press the context menu for 'Add to Favorites' option

Live Sports Duration Handling
This feature provides auto-duration handling for supported live sporting events. (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL). If supported event is detected: TVJunkieMOD will extend the expected duration + 2 hours, and will periodically monitor the status of the event using an external source (free LiveScore feeds). Upon detecting the event as ended, the recording will be stopped. This feature ensures that you'll record the full game. For Live Sports Duration Handling to work: supported show titles must be one of the following: "MLB Baseball", "NBA Basketball", "NHL Hockey", or "NFL Football". (If you know of additional titles for these events, please let me know.) Also, the original airdate info must exist and must be the current date. Also, at least one of the two teams must be mentioned within the show's synopsis/description info. (ex. Yankees). If manually recording a supported live sporting event, the recording prompt will include "(Live Sporting Event Detected)" to help acknowledge duration handling will apply. (Limitation: For a recording to include the live sports handling, the game must have officially started (and been added to the free LiveScore feeds) prior to recording. This feature likely won't work if title is scheduled via a request. Since for ex. a Yankee game time slot might start at 1:00pm, but the first pitch isn't thrown until 1:10pm. That said, this feature is recommended for 'Manual Record' only once a game has officially started.)

Things to Note
1) Consider your device/network capabilty
All tuners in use (live, and/or recording) are transferring all data to the device running the add-on.
If recording to a network path, all the recorded data is also being transferred.
2) Don't record locally if using an Android tablet or phone
(you'll eat up storage very quickly)
3) Record Requests still require the add-on to be running.
(don't close the addon after create requests, expecting it to record when it's not running)
Keep the add-on running (but you can stop the player/free the Live TV tuner)
4) If using multiple devices w/a shared Record TV Path, don't create similar Record Requests on each
(ex issues: same show would record multiple times, or keep # recordings can differ)
5) Live TV can be recorded, and played as it records.
However, Kodi doesn't like it when you get too close to real time in the recorded video.
If you do get too close to real time, it'll stop the video and jump back to live tv.
Make sure you wait ~15 seconds between starting the recording and playing the recording to keep it happy.
Live TV recording can be paused, rewinded, fast forwarded (just not too close to real time)
6) MOD only tested with HDHomerun Prime.
7) Recording is done via HTTP '?duration' URL calls.
(if other addon supported tuners support '?duration' recordings, then the MOD recording should work)
8) Transcoding tuners will record non-transcoded
(since I'm not sure if both ?transcode= and ?duration= works in same URL) (?)
9) Don't delete file saved in Recorded TV Path. is needed to resume recordings and to prevent recording duplicate titles.
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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by Neogeo71 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:41 am

Great work! Cannot wait to try it out. Can I run it side by side with the original addon? Also, any plans to incorporate a traditional EPG? Or a Favorites list?

Also, how do I install this?

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by Neogeo71 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:39 am

OK, figured out how to install this. My suggestions would be to make the
episode guide and channel bar come up briefly (5 sec?) when using the up down buttons to change channels. this would be nice to keep track of what channel you switched to.

Personally, I like the guide and bar on right and bottom, and i like the slide out when you scroll through the guide. but would love the channel change feature when using the up and down buttons.

I would love to see that incorporated into the current app. so right to toggle on/off episode guide, channel bar to work as it normally does, and up/down to handle channel changes with epg and bar briefly on screen for 5 sec.

the remote buttons, and onscreen keyboard to handle going directly to a channel is brilliant. very nice. i look forward to any future enhancements you bring to this app.

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by TVJunkie198 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:51 am

I updated the add-on mod. link is updated in first post.

- Fixed channel switching bug(s).
- Reversed channel switching, was following direction of channels on guide (now up increases channel #, down decreases channel #)
- Added 5 second timer on channel bar (when channel bar not toggled on)

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by Neogeo71 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:52 am

Great! I will check it out! Any possibility of making the guide and bar options of being on right/left or top/bottom? or the slide out animation as on/off? Keep up the great work. I was hopeful when the source code was released that someone would improve upon the original. Looking forward to trying this out today...

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by Neogeo71 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:22 am

I checked it out, channel changing much better, but the guide slide out and bar seem slower...
What i would like to see when changing channel up/down is it tunes to new channel, shows the guide and bar automatically for 5 sec and then it goes away, this way when you channel up/down, you know what channel you are switching to. I also prefer the default guide on right, channel bar on bottom but that is just me aesthetically. your channel changing up/down is great, not sure why the addon does not have this by default.

Can you make a version that contains the channel changing but leaves everything else in place like the original? Just push left to display epg and browse, up/down to change channel, when changing to a new channel show the epg/bar for 5 sec and then have it slide out of view?

I love flipping through it like regular tv....

Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing the results with all of us!

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by TVJunkie198 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:29 pm

I updated the add-on mod again. link is updated in first post.

update, merged w/latest addon version 2014-3.29a1

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by TVJunkie198 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:15 pm

thanks Neo,
hmm, I haven't changed the slider speeds.

you mentioned a version like the original, keeping the bars on right and bottom, but press left to open it? not right? what about controls for them, toggles? or like the original (right/left)? both bars show for 5 seconds on channel change? etc etc

yeaaa.. I don't know. making another mod version isn't really in my plans (sorry :/) also I wouldn't ever want to update it as the original add-on gets updated.. quickly can get outdated. the good thing though is that you like the original add-on layout, I'm sure some of these ideas/features will be added at some point. Then you wouldn't really need that other version :)

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by superflysocal » Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:18 pm

This looks great. However, please note SD is about to update to find a fix for issues with users not being able to start this app because they have some sort of VMWARE or virtualbox installed on their system. You may want to wait on making any other changes until that comes out. Thanks for your great work, nonetheless.

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by Neogeo71 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:23 pm

do you know how I can map the up down directional buttons on the firetv remote to change channel like the current original add-on can do with a remote with channel up/channel down buttons? I would liek the channel change functionality you have in your mod but in the original add-on. Thank you for your explanation and I do appreciate you taking the time to share your mod with us, it is just not for me at this time.

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Re: TVJunkieMOD

Post by TVJunkie198 » Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:08 am

I updated the MOD. links updated on first post. :)

to add/remove favorites:
- reselect the currently playing channel on the guide (which displays the favorites add/remote dialog box)

To view favorites (when favorites has one or more added)
- press left on TVJunkieMOD, or right on TVJunkieMODB

TVJunkieMODB has a layout more like the original add-on.

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Re: TVJunkieMOD (+Favorites +Channel Up/Down)

Post by Neogeo71 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:03 am

Tried MODB, working very nicely. Some occasional bugs/glitches. Sometimes when channel surfing up or down, it will take an unusually long time to tune into a channel. Occasionally the menus brought up by left or right seem unresponsive. Also, can you consider when having the favorites menu selected, it would stay on the favorites menu when changing channels up and down until you manually switch back to the full menu?
Appreciate all the work you are putting into this. It is getting better all the time.

I am on a FireTv and when I change channels, the screen flips out for a second

Any idea if this can be fixed? I read but have not confirmed it does not happen with this addon and SPMC varient of Kodi.

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Re: TVJunkieMOD (+Favorites +Channel Up/Down)

Post by TVJunkie198 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:55 pm

thanks for the feedback,
and I'll look into that suggestion (up/down favorite channels when favorites guide was last guide displayed)

yea I've seen that weirdness on screen when changing channels using kodi 14.2, but not kodi 14.1. affects the original add-on as well ( the mods that I've made are really just topical. haven't changed any real meat of the add-on ).
maybe the guys at SD are looking into this?

I've also noticed, when changing channels up and down, if I hold the button too long it scrolls through the channel list until I let go, and there's a longer delay before it tunes to the channel it falls on. maybe you were also holding the up or down button for too long? I'd suggest briefly pressing up/down buttons for now.

The guide bars do take a second or two to show up when switching from one guide list to another. This is seen in the original add-on going from full guide to search results, and back to full guide. favorites is doing the same as the search, just finding by channel number not keyword. sometimes it takes that second or two to load/display the guide bar w/channels (depends on how many channels are in full list, or favorites, or show up in a search)

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Re: TVJunkieMOD (+Favorites +Channel Up/Down)

Post by Neogeo71 » Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:18 pm

I will give your suggestions a try! I indeed may have been scrolling through the list rapidly. I appreciate your modifications and hope some of your ideas make it into the main app.

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Re: TVJunkieMOD (+Favorites +Channel Up/Down)

Post by TVJunkie198 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:26 am

I updated the MOD. links updated on first post.

changed the mod addon path(s) to stay constant through version updates
id recommend uninstalling existing mod version(s) prior to installing 2015.4.8 mod version(s)
also, you'll need to re-favorite channels (sorry..) shouldn't be an issue on future updates

** 2015.4.8 TVJunkieMOD and TVJunkieMODB**
- merged w/updated add-on
- both mods share same favorites list now
- and won't be deleted/forgotten when mod addon is updated/uninstalled

** 2015.3.29a1 TVJunkieMODv4 and TVJunkieMODBv4**
- fixed holding channel up/down issue

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