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Kodi Chromebook SD AddOn

Post by rjleurck »

Kodi HDHomeRun Simple script can locate my hdtc-2us . Yet the SD addon can not.
Yes kodi on chromebook runs in it's own subnet. Is there a simple fix for this ?

Seems that simple scriot uses pyHDHR http://my.hdhomerun.com/discover to discover tuners. Is there some reason only the 'broadcast' method is used by SD script ?

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Re: Kodi Chromebook SD AddOn

Post by NedS »

Are you running Kodi on the Chromebook as an Android app?

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Re: Kodi Chromebook SD AddOn

Post by malos001 »

I just bought a Chromebook the other day (Acer 15) and with the latest Chrome OS version (70. something) I figured the HdHomerun Android app would work just fine. I've gotten it to detect the HdHomerun Connect (newer 2 channel upnp model) after several tries; it's *very* hit and miss. And even when it does detect it, sometimes the video is choppy.

But the VLC for Android app is rock solid. I just opened it and clicked on Network and it found both HdHomerun tuners right away and listed all the channels - I can just click on any channel I want. And the video runs very smoothly - no problems at all.

So - what does VLC do that the HdHomerun app cannot do ?


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Re: Kodi Chromebook SD AddOn

Post by signcarver »

Chromebooks "sandbox" most things in a way that regular broadcast discovery won't work. However often the app (and vlc) can fall back to upnp (dlna) discovery to discover modern tuners but not their record engine. Officially sd does not support accessing the tuner across different subnets but web discovery (my.hdhomerun.com) for some may work.

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