Live Tv stops by itself

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Live Tv stops by itself

Post by wickchucker »

Using Kodi 16 and using the standard Kodi Add-on (not DVR/unofficial/mod etc), have an hdhomerun prime. Running on Windows 7.

Works fine to load and tune channels, but it often just stops playback during live tv. Playback will stop and the exit menu - the one with the Live TV and Exit buttons. Does not matter the channel.

It does it quite often, like every 20 minutes or so. It is annoying.

Is there a setting to make it stop "timing out"?

Is it a buffering/disk space issue?

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Re: Live Tv stops by itself

Post by jasonl »

Suggesting updating to the current version of Kodi and checking to see if the issue persists.

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Re: Live Tv stops by itself

Post by BWL »

I have the SAME problem when watching TV via (Google) Live Channels on Android TV. After some random amount of time, the screen goes completely blank + no audio. I can resume live TV by just switching channels, however.
(note: TV works ok in the native HDHomeRun app).

This problem began occurring with the Oct 18 2017 version & still persists in the latest (Oct 31) version as well.
The Sep 20 2017 version works fine, however.

DEFINITELY some sort of software bug as of the Oct 18 2017 version.

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