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Android TV w/Grey View App

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I am on Comcast (no DRM) and have a number of DTA's (6) on occasionally used secondary TV's. Since the cost of a DTA over the past 5 years has gone from $1.50/mo to $6.00/mo, I've been looking at replacing them with Android TV boxes. I do NOT need access to my video library or recordings, simply a tuner box fed from my Primes.

So far I have had very good results with an OTT Q-Box (S905) ... 64735.html with the grey View app. Unlike many Android TV boxes, the Q-Box comes with a fairly full function remote, including a numeric key pad for channel entry, with the exception being no Enter key, just the OK button.

Before going forward, yes the box has Kodi and the green view app works fine there, I just don't need or want the extra layer of complexity (WAF) with guests having to navigate through the Kodi interface, nor interest in them accessing my video library.

Problem: Direct channel number entry via the remote works and brings up the on-screen keyboard at the same time, but after entering the 3 or 4 digit channel number, the user has to navigate across and down the OS keyboard to the Enter key to complete the channel change entry. This is obviously not very practical if you're in bed, in the dark, half asleep, wanting to change the channel with the handheld remote. Remotes like the Rii are not a solution here, too big, too many buttons and complexity for simple channel surfing in a dark guest bedroom.

Is it possible within the grey app to have a key-press timeout of ~2 seconds after which the Enter function occurs automatically, just like it does on most regular TV remotes?
Any other ideas or solutions?

Note: Really not interested in adding to the cost and increasing the "pay back" time by buying (6) programmable remotes (Harmony) for these secondary locations.


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