Choppy Playback and Buffering LiveTV

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Choppy Playback and Buffering LiveTV

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Hi, I have an HDHomeRun EXTEND (2 tuners) hooked up to my OTA antenna. I don't get many channels (10) because my setup is very directional but those that I do get come in excellent and I get high % numbers on the channels I do get. I'm running Kodi 16.1 on Windows 7 and up until now it seemed to work pretty well. Every now and then it would get a little hiccup, but I wrote that off as probably an antenna related blip rather than the HDHomerun. The HDHomerun is plugged directly into the router and the Kodi machine is connected via WIFI (new router with dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz - 900 Mbps). The Kodi machine has a new wireless card too and gets a good signal.

But now that I've started using it more I've noted that it is often really choppy on specific channels (the HD ones) and it often buffers. Why is it buffering if this is all over my network? We never have these issues when streaming Netflix or Amazon and that has to go out over the internet, then across our wifi so this has to be an issue with either Kodi or HDHomerun or the plugin for it.

Any idea what I can look at?

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Re: Choppy Playback and Buffering LiveTV

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Take a look at this video. He makes changes to a lot of settings.

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