CableCARD Activation Hotlines/Websites

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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CableCARD Activation Hotlines/Websites

Post by jasonl »

Comcast: (877)405-2298 /
RCN: (888)891-7770 / (866)TECH-RCN ((866)832-4726)
Time Warner Cable: (866)606-5889 / (866)532-2598
Verizon FiOS: (888)897-7499 /

Please note that this thread is ONLY to track contact information for cable providers. If you are experiencing technical issues, please create a new thread.
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Post by nswint »

888-270-6445 For Comcast as well

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Cox CableCARD Activation number per datasheet: 888-556-1193

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Post by tmushy »

877-309-5869 - Time Warner West Coast. The one posted is for East coast

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Post by flarefox »

suddenlink cable:

That's a general line. You just have to go through all their menus to get to cable activation. All in all, the menus take between 4-15 min. Good luck getting everything working, though. All the channels above basic come through black for me.

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Post by dlinvill »

Suddenlink Cable

I had better luck with the web chat option. The tech will involve a supervisor but the wait time is much less than the 866 number.

To respond to flarefox's comments I also received black channels but swapping the card for a new one fixed that. I get all subscribed channels.

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Post by chui101 »

Insight Communications: 1-866-699-6686

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Post by dapriett »

Comcast Tier 2 CableCard Support: 1-877-761-5015

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Comcast Online Activation

Post by zeroepoch »

The only way I could get my HDHomeRun Prime to work was using Comcast's web activation:

This reset all the TV devices in my house and after it was finished activated my new device (FYI, I pulled the cable card from another activated device). Only problem I ran into was getting the premium channels, so I have to call about that now.

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Post by ostrichsak »

dapriett wrote:Comcast Tier 2 CableCard Support: 1-877-761-5015
I didn't have much luck with the # for Comcast in the first post. I got someone speaking broken English that wasn't very helpful and probably did more harm than good. I finally had luck with this number and the person I spoke with (in the same state as me) said it was best to call the number after 3:00pm whatever your local time. That will ensure you get the local call center and then ask whoever answers for the cableCARD expert as the person who answers the phone, while tier 2, still may not be fully trained on cable cards. The guy who answers the phone got me to someone named Derek after a long hold who finally fixed everything the dozen or so reps prior to him had broken. Phone call took about 15min total and I was up and running before I hung up the phone. I would highly suggest just starting with this number and asking for someone who was knowledgeable on cable cards and not messing with the number listed in the first post at all.

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Mediacom 866/848-7064

Post by jpe »

This is the number Mediacom gives out with their cable cards.

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Post by stanton »

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I finally got my unit working with Comcast, and I think this will help others:

First call was to the CableCard activation number: 877-405-2298. They got it "activated", but no encrypted channels. Some encrypted channels showed as authorized, but copy-once. Other encrypted channels were "not subscribed".

Next call was to the same number, and after several tries futzing with setting, she admitted that this is only an activation line and she'll connect me with "Cable Tech Support". They guy at Cable Tech Support tried for 20 minutes, tried to send a tech for a site visit (I refused), then gave up and said to call Tivo because he did "everything" and everything is OK on the Comcast end, so it must be the unit's problem. I think when I mentioned the copy protection flag, that was totally outside his realm of understanding.

I did try the activation web site: , but it was down.

Third call was to the Comcast Tier 2 CableCard Support: 1-877-761-5015. Eric in CO (or maybe it was Derek as above?) asked for a ticket number. No ticket number, but I explained my history, and he tried a few things as I was poking around different channels. While we were chatting, he asked what it was. I felt more comfortable with him and said "a tuner". He asked if it was "one of those Homerun Primes". He said he's been activating a lot of those.

He seemed to have to do a few "resets", and it was strange because the encrypted channels started working, then after about a minute stopped working. He kept at it, and after about 10 more minutes, all the channels came back and stuck. Everything works fine in MythTV.

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Cox communications (southwest) is

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Post by madams »

Cablevision 866-483-4448

This just gets you to support, so ask for Advanced Support for CableCards.

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Insight Communications CableCard activation contact.

Post by masalaji »

chui101 wrote:Insight Communications: 1-866-699-6686
Insight Communications CableCard activation number : 1-866-440-1024

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