Two antennas in different directions

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Two antennas in different directions

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By default all tuners configured for Digital Antenna in the HDHomeRun software are expected to receive the same set of channels. The grouping is used by the dynamic tuner allocation feature where the next available tuner with the same source is chosen.

For two antennas in different directions:

1) Download and install the 20100107 or later HDHomeRun software.

Set the Source to Digital Antenna and complete the wizard.

2) Run RegEdit and browse to:

Under each tuner you should see an entry for Source and an entry for SourceType.

"SourceType" is used to configure the driver and must be "Digital Antenna", "Digital Cable", or "Disabled".

"Source" is used to specify the lineup XML file and to find tuners for dynamic tuner allocation.

Set the "Source" entry for all tuners on antenna A to "Antenna A" (or similar). Set the "Source" entry for all tuners on antenna B to "Antenna B" (or similar).

3) Run HDHomeRun Setup. You should now see channel tabs for each antenna group. Run a channel scan on each tab.

Note - many DVR applications do not support multiple antennas.

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