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QuickTV advanced usage

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The 20091024 release of QuickTV supports the following options:

--stay-on-top Configure QuickTV to stay on top of other windows.

--new-window Configure QuickTV to open a new window rather than using the existing QuickTV window (if any).

hdhomerun://<source>/ch<n>-<n> Play the requested channel.
source = "Digital Antenna", "Digital Cable", or "<device id>-<tuner index>"
ch<n>-<n> = physical channel number, program number.

<channel list filename> Use the given channel list file.
File format:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<Url>hdhomerun://Digital Antenna/ch10-3</Url>
<Url>hdhomerun://Digital Antenna/ch22-1</Url>

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