Wanted: ALP PCAP captures

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Wanted: ALP PCAP captures

Post by jsmar »

Hi, I've been playing around with trying to analyze ALP captures, but I only have one ATSC3.0 broadcast to sample here in the Denver area (I live in Fort Collins). I was wondering if people with the developer model of the HDHR5-4K could share a capture file of some of the ATSC3.0 stations they can receive. I don't want a huge file, so a 20-30 second capture should be good enough for now.

An example for how to do such a capture would be:

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wget "http://1080000C.local:5004/auto/ch35p0?duration=25&format=alp-pcap" -O Phoenix-ch35p0.pcap
The example uses wget, but there are other options. You can get further details from nick's post titled "http video stream" in the Announcements section of this forum. You can also use the IP address of your HDHR5-4K (the 1080000C.local form might not work, depending on how you've got your DNS configured).

Please name the file using the above example, i.e. <City the broadcast is from>-ch<physical channel><plp(s)>.pcap

you can upload the file using my web page here: http://www.themarvins.org/atsc3. I provide similar instructions there. The uploader is very basic and does not provide any upload status during the upload (I'm trying to keep it simple to reduce the chance of my system being compromised). It should take 30-60 seconds to upload a 50-60 MB file, which is about the size you might get from a 25 second capture of a QAM256 broadcast (it also would depend on PLP configuration).

NOTE: Posting an upload URL on a public forum might get my system attacked, in which case I might have to take down that page. Hopefully this forum is obscure enough that that won't happen (I've got a meta header that should keep good actor search engine crawlers from indexing the page). I won't keep the page up indefintely, although I might bring it back later if I need some more specific examples.

Thanks for any contributions!

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Re: Wanted: ALP PCAP captures

Post by lukejenkins »

SLC channel 19 uploaded, a capture per plp iteration.

Could you give us an update on the channels and markets that you have and that you still need? Any interesting findings from the captures so far?

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