faulty power cord

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faulty power cord

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i found out that the power cord on the hdhomerun 4k has a faulty power cord. when it is use the channels for atsc 3 would come up as no channel detected quiet often. so when i switched the power cord from my earlier hdhomerun device the problem between switching channels has disappeared. so if you got an older version of hdhomerun i suggest switching your power cord to the new hdhomerun 4k. sometimes when you watch the atsc 3 channels the stations would drop out and come up as no channel detected , well that problem is also solved too. so in conclusion silicondust needs to go back to there old power cord because some times the new power cord loses enough power to affect the atsc 3 stations as the atsc 3 channels use allot more power than atsc 1 channels do

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Re: faulty power cord

Post by jasonl »

Sounds like you just got a bad power supply. Rare, but it happens. You can open a support ticket with SD with that info and they'll send you a replacement power supply under warranty at no charge.

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