HDhomerun app not working with new S21 phone

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HDhomerun app not working with new S21 phone

Post by Garyr »

I just installed the new app on my new S 21 and it has no obvious way to stop the app. The buttons for back or close app's do not work while HDHomerun app is on screen. The only way to get the app to close was to press the minimize button then in the small window I could click on the x to stop the program. Also, the app mute and volume keys do not work on the S21. I can only control the volume with the phone volume control, but this does not allow for quick muting. I did try uninstalling and reinstalling but that did not help I am also using the beta application.

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Re: HDhomerun app not working with new S21 phone

Post by CBme »

This has nothing specifically to do with your s21 vs another phone. This is also the incorrect sub forum as it doesn't have anything to do with ATSC 3.0. But to quickly address your concerns:
As for how to close, that is how all your apps work on android. You just swipe from the side to see the back, home, and switch/close apps soft buttons. You are likely just used to video apps that have a home screen where they have the back/home/app buttons visible so this always-full-screen video app can feel like something is wrong.
Regarding mute, it does not work correctly currently.

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