ATSC 3.0: Portland - Jan 2021

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Portland - Jan 2021

Post by MWR »

Well, it’s working today. Not sure what the problem was. If no one else in the area experienced problems then something’s up with my setup.

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Portland - Jan 2021

Post by dlasher »

Looking across other threads, not finding the answer.

Is there a schedule/guide somewhere to know when/if/where 4k-source content is actually being broadcast?

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Portland - Jan 2021

Post by bobchase »

Not really. Any 4k on-air would most likely be experimental and only last for one program. There could be a station somewhere that has the bandwidth to do a 4k HDR up-convert just to say they've done it.

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Portland - Jan 2021

Post by Dartman »

They won't do it till there's enough demand for it. Right now it's just basically testing and figuring things out. The video quality still seems a bit better than regular atsc 1.0 HD and hopefully soon one of the channels here will at least do some 4k to actually see how it does, looks, and sounds.
I can't even play or edit it with anything right now except for playing it with our app and on the Shield. I really need something that can edit my captures but nothing works yet that I've tried.
VideoRedo MAY eventually support editing it if they decide to pay for the AC4 codec or somebody else releases it in their codec pack or program.

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