ASTC 3.0 Columbus, Ohio - Jan 2021

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Re: ASTC 3.0 Columbus, Ohio - Jan 2021

Post by bobchase »

Have you tried to manually download new software for the Sony?
Also, the Sony is particular about packet timings within the stream. For instance, CC being late. Although it would seem strange that all of those streams listed are wonky.
Regardless, that model of Sony works fine in Phoenix.

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Re: ASTC 3.0 Columbus, Ohio - Jan 2021

Post by Bill-99 »

I have tried the manual downloads of whatever content Sony has queued up but nothing other than that. When trying to use the 4K tuner in the X900H, the results are the same. When an ATSC 3.0 channel is selected, it tries for a bit (spinning circle) and then gives up (black screen).

Good to know this works in Phoenix. This could well be a local issue.

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