Plex Guide - duplicate channel errors

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Plex Guide - duplicate channel errors

Post by HTBruceM »

When attempting to match Plex guide data with the new >= 100 HEVC 4k channel broadcasts, Plex pukes on "duplicate channels", so it disables the new 4k channels. No way to ENABLE them, the Plex DVR setup will UNCHECK (i.e. disable) those channels if there is no matching guide data.
On a few channels in the PDX area, there are some "..LD." channel definitions in the Plex guide that I'm guessing are meant to be the new ATSC3 channels. But Plex still detects them as DUPLICATE guide channels and won't let you enable them. There is no OVERRIDE or ability to add the channels without matching guide data.

Is the problem in Plex?
The Plex guide data source?
The local channels generating the proper new guide info to the guide content providers?

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Re: Plex Guide - duplicate channel errors

Post by jokerboy »

You can "unselect" the ATSC1 counterpart and then select the ATSC3 version. Use the dropdown to set the guide to the ATSC1 version.

For example. I have channel 61.1 and 161.1. I unmap 61.1 and then map channel 161.1 to use guide data from 61.1

But there isn't any audio on the ATSC3 channels (in plex) so I'm not sure what the purpose of using it in plex would be.

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Re: Plex Guide - duplicate channel errors

Post by jasonl »

The problem is in Plex. They did a crappy job of designing the way channel lineups are handled and have never made any attempts to fix it.

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