Video and/or audio hangs ATSC 3.0

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Video and/or audio hangs ATSC 3.0

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Here is what I wrote about my experience with ATSC 3.0 in Denver:

The latest Win10 HDHR app gets video on the 4 channels and audio on all but 2.1 It is pretty steady once the video gets going,( see below edits) . Occasionally there is a glitch for a fraction of a second every few minutes. It is watchable (for me).

A couple of edits On Win 10 App: ( my Quatro 4K is at Version 20201030)
The Win 10 app is starting ATSC 3 channels much faster.
I have had the video and audio freeze and not be able to resume until I changed the channel. The comment about it being watchable made above is not accurate at this point.

The HDHR app on the LG OLED (65B7: latest available in the LG content store as of today)) works for video on all 4, audio on all but 2.1. The problem is that the entire stream hangs for 2 to 5 seconds or sometimes more every couple of minutes. It is something that reminds me of a buffer underrun. Everything starts back up right where it left off. Is there a way to increase the buffer size?

The Shield 2019 PRO is similar to the LG app, in that it tunes all of the available stations with audio and video, but the video stream continues while the audio drops out for seconds at a time. When it restarts the audio in sync with the video. The Shield is using the Version 20201212 client.

Neither the shield nor LG are watchable. I need to try the ATV4K. I will do that over the next day or so and report back here.

Any suggestions, comments, or other experiences ?

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