assigning tuners to device

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assigning tuners to device

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Just received my HDHomeRun quartro connect 4k, atsc 3.0 and it is working great on appletv 4k, macOS Mac mini, iPad Pro and iPhone using Channels app or HDHR app.
Two questions:
1. When I open the app for oat tv, it uses tuner 3, then 2, then 1 THEN 0. As I understand, tuners 0 and 1 are the only Atsc 3.0 4k.
Is there anyway to save the Tuner 0 for my Apple TV 4K in my home theater and then the tuner 1 for my Mac OS Mac mini.
My iPads and iPhone can use tuner 3 or 4 atsc 1.0.

2. I am going to upgrade my Mac mini to the new one with the Apple M1 processor. Will that work ok.

3. Since you no longer have the Premium TV package, I'm having trouble deciding what similar packages work. I want to cut my Spectrum cable and phone completely but stay with their Internet.

Thanks for your help. I couldn't find the answers in tech sheets.

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