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Re: ATSC 3.0 in Norfolk

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I've been playing around with the HEVC channels and have noticed that most of the network shows on NBC look better than the ATSC 1.0 broadcasts. Channels DVR says that they are 1080p 60 frames/sec. I was looking forward to watching the Redskins game on Saturday in 1080p but unfortunately it was horrible. There were so many artifacts and pixelation that it was unwatchable. I flipped back to the 1.0 channel and it looked a hundred times better. So I guess they are still sorting things out...

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Re: ATSC 3.0 in Norfolk

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I mostly get now "Unable to play channel: No Video Data". I once used to get 133.1 but it is not there today. The others ATSC 3.0 stations over-the-air nothing ever, so I don't usually check what's on there anyway..

The programming data on the Hdhomerun app I use on my android tv to record is now there, but no picture. The app has a record feature that works on regular channels.

So far the new ATSC 3.0 stations look not worth the effort locally here in Hampton Raods - at least not from the location in the northern part of the viewing area where I am.

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