wget recording at a future time

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wget recording at a future time

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I have been testing the HDHR5-4K and was looking for a way to record an ATSC3 channel at a future time.
The "at" command fit the bill.
I am running a Raspberry Pi 3b+ 24/7 so I first installed the "at" package with "sudo apt install at"
The following shows how easy it is to set up the recording.

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pi@Rpi3b-plus:~ $ at 23:44 Sat
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
at> wget -O "/mnt/wdex2/Shared Videos/ATSC3/BYUvTexasStPostGameAndGame-20201024.mpeg"
at> <EOT>
job 6 at Sat Oct 24 23:44:00 2020
Note that you use control-D to enter the <EOT> on a blank "at>" prompt.
Read the man page for "at" to see other options.
For now, this is a simple way to record future programs for which there is no guide data for the HDHR app and DVR.

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