Antennae Recommendation?

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Antennae Recommendation?

Post by jmorris644 »

I just received my 4K ATSC3.0 tuner. Currently I am using a flat antennae in a window. I wish to install an outdoor one. I am in Minneapolis area so currently there are no ATSC 3.0 signals but I wish to install an antennae that will be good in pulling in the future signals and I am looking for recommendations.

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by jxxaxxy »

This would depend on the stations in your area and how far they are away from you. Some broadcast on UHF, High VHF, and low VHF.

This is why some antennas work great for some and others that have the same one doesn't work for them at all. Low VHF isn't common but it is also the hardest one to get in. You would need to know the radio frequencies they broadcast on. Not the channel the station associated with but the RF. 2-6 is Low VHF, 7-13 is High VHF and UHF 14-51. That will determine the antenna you should look for. With that being said I use a televes mix which has UHF and VHF elements.

I used a few of the ones popular on amazon but for the most part they were just simply not big enough to bring in a good signal 8 miles away. I live in a somewhat dead zone. The televes mix I used below was night and day over the RCA yagi and clearstream 4.

The Televes DAT BOSS MIX has two flavors. One with Low-VHF and the other without it. Just depneds on the stations in your area if you need VHF Low or not.

The one great thing with this antenna is that it has a built in pre-amp and it is also pass-through. This means you don't have to have the power insertion plugged in for it to work. If you don't need the pre-amp don't use it.
Mine is setup without the power insertion as I don't need it. ... eries.html

This website will give you the DTV Channel (Real Channel)

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by Dirtfiend »

Depends on your sources, for sure. I've always had good success with their STEALTHtenna 50, but I'm in the Phoenix area with one centralized broadcast source. Check your sources and see what they recommend: ... -a/134.htm

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by jmorris644 »

Dirtfiend wrote: Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:22 pm Depends on your sources, for sure. I've always had good success with their STEALTHtenna 50, but I'm in the Phoenix area with one centralized broadcast source. Check your sources and see what they recommend: ... -a/134.htm
Even though their web site recommended the OMNI for me I think they are incorrect. I am just 2 miles from the Antennae In Minneapolis/St. Paul. And they are all in one place.

It looks like the STEALTHenna 50 will work for me too.

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by SageMyth »

I am going to install an antenna in my attic and have tested the results with several different antennas set up in a guest bedroom.
We are about 20 miles from the transmitter towers and get good strong signals for the major networks.

I have tried the following for High VHF and UHF only:
RCA Rabbit Ears
RCA Compact Yagi ANT7511E from Walmart
Winegard Small Yagi YA-7000
Winegard Mid Size Yagi HD7694P

I was testing only High-VHF and UHF channels.
The best was the HD7694P but the YA-7000 was pretty close.
Beware that the RCA Yagi has been re-designed and the product does not even match the pictures on the box.
From what I have read, RCA originally used the Winegard design for the ANT751 but that is no longer the case.
Antennas are very sensitive to location.
I tested the same antennas in my garage and my office and my master bedroom and got different results.
If you have VHF channels you want an antenna with longer elements.
Next phase for me is to test locations in the attic.

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by manicslothpdx »

You may want to check one of these sites. They will not only recommend antennas, they will also let you know where to aim and whether your channels are VHF, UHF or a mix of the two:

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by jasonl »

The YA-7000 is the original ANT751 minus one VHF director. Good antenna within 25-30 miles. The HD7694p is a good choice too, and you can push it to 35 or 40 miles. I don't trust the STEALTHtenna 50 at all. The VHF elements are too short, and there's apparently no attempt to block UHF frequencies coming from that rear element, so the gain on UHF is likely to cycle up and down depending on whether the rear element is helping or hurting. Very typical of Channel Master antennas to look good at first glance but have serious design flaws once you look closer. I'd just steer clear of them.

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by kyl416 »

AntennaWeb is frequently way too conservative in their estimates and many times suggest something more expensive than you actually need. i.e. for me they say I need a large outdoor directional antenna for stations I can pickup with a cheap rabbit ears/UHF loop from the dollar store, and they don't even show the more distant stations I can easily pickup with my attic antenna, which makes their map useless for pointing.

Try using the search at RabbitEars instead:

Stations in Green should be fine with an indoor antenna, stations in Yellow wiill need something in the attic or rooftop, stations in Red will likely need something large and directional on the rooftop, while stations in Gray will be almost impossible for you to get outside of atmospheric boost conditions or terrain related effects like knife edge diffraction off a nearby hill.

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by Whizkid »

I am in the Twin Cities. When I lived in Saint Paul, and indoor antenna worked fine for me. With you being so very close, a flat antenna might work great for you, or rabbit ears or another indoor directional for the low power stations in downtown Minneapolis.

Why do you want to go outdoors? Which stations are you having trouble with?

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Re: Antennae Recommendation?

Post by signcarver »

Finally got phoenix rf channel 35 to get in my lineup...

21 Miles "directly" north of towers (with a couple of cell towers and substation on back side just over 110yards away)
700MHz LTE filter had improvement but not quite enough (I am possibly looking for a 650 but 600 is too low for channel 35)

Antenna is a ClearStream 4Max mounted in 2nd story window... what it took was the reflector kit. Still not the best signal (-73dBm, 18dB quality that goes up and down occasionally) but at least I know it is possible with an indoor antenna in a stucco home with tile roof. I have an area outside I "could" mount (even has coax and cat 6) but it will be near ground level which I think would hurt it a bit more but am thinking possibly putting one there even if to drive my other boxes. I'm also splitting the signal between the 4k and one of my regular quatros. Currently have a 2Max mounted below it to feed my other quatro at this location that gets nearly everything I would want for ATSC 1.0 stations other than 38.x (rf 14) which is why I got the 4Max to begin with.

I can't believe I waited this long (a few years) to order/try the reflector.

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