Unable to get Video or Audio ATSC 3.0 Phoenix

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Re: Unable to get Video or Audio ATSC 3.0 Phoenix

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FoodLioon wrote: Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:22 pm I'm not sure of the strategy SD employs for 1.0 vs 3.0 if there are identical display channels.
If a 3.0 tuner is available, it will tune the 3.0 channel; if a 3.0 tuner is not available, it will tune the 1.0 channel.

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Re: Unable to get Video or Audio ATSC 3.0 Phoenix

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Upgraded to 20201023
Needed to run channel scan twice before it locked in all 4 ATSC3 channels off Ch27.. only locked in the first 2 on the first scan, then the second 2.
Think I'm hosed for Ch35.. went up in the attic and tried moving my Clearstream 2V around just in case - but still no signal above 40%

For some reason the Fox channels, 10.1 and 45.1, @3:45pm have no sound, but all good on 15.1 and 61.1 with the Windows and Android (Pixel 4) App - yet to try Shield.

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Re: Unable to get Video or Audio ATSC 3.0 Phoenix

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In the Raleigh-Durham area, 11.1 / WTVD / "Channel 11" / ABC shows as HVEC. There is no audio on a MAC (2019 iMac, Big Sur) either with HDHomeRun live or a recorded show. On my PC (Windows 10, up to date) the HDHomeRun app won't show anything now, it used to work, don't know if it ever worked on the HVEC

Data points for the good people working on these problems.

My #1 "Please add" is the ability to check on and do updates from the menus on either Mac or Windows. Can be the actual menus at the top, or, in the Settings in the view-screen of the HDHomeRun app. Given the understandable rate of change at this point in time, the "first step" of "Am I up to date?" should be quick and easy to do. I've got the 4K ATSC 3.0 tuner, , the Servio, and on both PCs and MACs the various other programs. So that's 10 different pieces of software.

While I really want to dig into the data and LLS tables of the ATSC 3.0, I'll just have to shelve everything and check back every 2 weeks or so.

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