HDHR5-4K in Boston

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HDHR5-4K in Boston

Post by yobyot »

Got mine on 10/14.

A real snap to install.

This device has excellent tuner sensitivity -- I have tough reception problems but the HDHR5-4K does a pretty good job of managing the lousy ATSC 1.0 8VSB issues.

We don't have any ATSC 3.0 signals here yet. But I'm happy to have this unit and the associated DVR functionality to complement my OTA rig which feeds a Tivo Roamio OTA.

I do wish that:
=> The Apple TV app could access the DVR functionality
=> Captions were customizable
=> The apps permitted use on VPN connections.

Anyone else in Boston using the HDHR5-4K?

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Re: HDHR5-4K in Boston

Post by NedS »

Apple TV will be gaining DVR features soon. First DVR viewing should come online in the next two weeks or so, followed by the ability to set new recordings (and basically be feature equivalent to the normal HDHomeRun app as seen today). That being said, advanced ATSC 3.0 features might not be doable on the Apple TV app due to some technical limitations that Apple has placed on tvOS apps (no HTML content, for example).

The other two issues I'm not sure of. Being able to be used on a VPN would require the app to be able to discover the HDHomeRun hardware using something other than broadcast packets.

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Re: HDHR5-4K in Boston

Post by GlenA »

Some VPN providers (PIA for example) have a VPN bypass feature that you can set up for specific apps. Hope this helps.

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