hdhomerun_config command line tuning?

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hdhomerun_config command line tuning?

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is it possible to tune to a channel and subchannel (program) with a single command line? all i know about is the two step channel then program commands.


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Re: hdhomerun_config command line tuning?

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typically with this device you will want to access the tuner via the modern http streaming methods that request via virtual channel number rather than the legacy method you described. If you were only interested in ATSC 1.0 channels you can request the full mux by specifying ch rather than v and let your software choose the subchannel (stream). The problem with doing that with ATSC 3.0, particularly on a non-dev unit that has a few more tricks of format to pull, is that there are some ATSC 3.0 specific settings and methods that would also need to be changed/worked with and to my knowledge the source for some of those isn't published yet.

the basic way the tuner is expected to be accessed is http://<ip-of-tuner>:5004/auto/v10.1 (it gets a list of virtual channels from http://<ip-of-tuner>/lineup.json )... I still suggest using auto though I am finding I more often wish to specify tuner but currently it appears that it only keeps the map with the ATSC 3.0 channels (when there are both) thus only the first 2 tuners can have an ATSC 3.0 channel tunable by virtual channel number... I would wish auto or specifying tuner2 would pull a 1.0 lineup... I would like to see lineup.json be capable of providing an alternate stream location for anything else that matches that virtual channel number that can be a fallback when the first request fails for most apps and possibly be added as additional virtual numbers for other apps...

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