OTA Tuner improvements over older models

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OTA Tuner improvements over older models

Post by hancox »

Seen this asked before, but couldn't find a great answer in searching...

I'm on an HDTC-2US (old chassis with fan). I'm assuming that:

1) Even more recent extends (i.e. new chassis, etc) would show tuner improvements.
2) The forthcoming ASTC3 should be even better (and add 2 more tuners - nice!)

Is there a roadmap of tuner chip improvements, maybe for other CONNECT users too? Would like to see how things have gotten better.

I'm asking this to bide time until my kickstarter order arrives - can't wait!

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Re: OTA Tuner improvements over older models

Post by signcarver »

For 1 it depends... as until very recently the new case it was still the same internals and still considered 4th gen but if you were to buy one new, it most likely has the newer chips of the 5th gen. The way I like to describe it is that newer tuners tend to work better for most people (where most people live) but not in most areas (there are more areas with few people). The newer chips also seem to be more sensitive to overload and tend to more likely "require" lte filters.

For 2 my understanding it is essentially it would be the equivalent of a 5th gen quatro as far as what you are asking but 2 of the tuners are able to also handle the ATSC 3.0 stations (different modulation). So the only advantage of getting such over a quatro is that capability.

With ATSC 3.0, such stations will have already transcoded (most likely hevc which isn't as universally playable as h.264 of the extend transcoding, though most modern systems/boxes do just fine) and keep in mind that none of the newer units transcode like the extend.

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