List of ATSC 3.0 stations?

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Re: List of ATSC 3.0 stations?

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Repost from the ATSC3 Denver thread. I thought it may be of interest to a more general audience:
ATSC 3.0 is live in Denver.
A rescan this afternoon gets me KDVR 31.1, KUSA 9.1, KMHGH 7.1 and, KWGN 2.1 in HEVC. Physical channel 34.
Using the Win 10 client I am getting a good picture on all of them. Audio is good too, except for 2.1 KWGN. No audio there. I will try it on my LG OLED. This has been solid in the past with Audio and Vide from the one low power station that has been doing ATSC 3 for the last few months.

Interesting thing, I have 3 tuners. 1 connect duo, 1 Quatro, and the Quatro 4K. I had to unplug the Duo to get the client to use the HEVC channels on the 4K.
I read that they are working on a method to chose what tuner to use so we can chose either the ATSC 1 or ATSC 3 signal. This would really be a useful feature

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